Who Are We?

LabyrinthQuest is an association of people dedicated to bringing the Labyrinth to the Rochester Community on a monthly basis. Harriette Royer founded LabyrinthQuest in 1997. She launched monthly labyrinth walks in the Rochester area in June 1997.

Kay Whipple joined LabyrinthQuest in 2001 after taking our Awakening Journey workshop. She contributed journal writing and empowerment affirmations to subsequent Awakening Journey programs, and collaborated with Harriette and Hallie Sawyers in developing and offering several subsequent training programs using the labyrinth. In her “other” life, Kay owns a book publishing company, Productivity Publications, and has a successful business and technology consulting business, Webs & Wings, LLC. You can find out more about her at http://www.productivitypublications.com.

Together and individually Harriette, and Kay have developed and offered a variety of labyrinth-related programs for educational, healthcare, church, and community-related groups in the upstate NY area. Their work has been featured in the international Labyrinth Society Gatherings’ workshop presentations.

Harriette, and Kay are active contributing members of The Labyrinth Society and each has been elected to serve on its Board of Directors. Harriette just finished her terms as the Secretary of the Board and member of the Executive Committee.  She currently serves on the Nominating Committee.  Kay is the President of the international organization, and serves on the Finance and Web Committees as well.

Sonam Targee plays sacred music on widely diverse indigenous instruments from around the world, live at the Labyrinth Walks. People who experience his music are moved and enriched by it. In his “other” life, Sonam practices Ayurvedic Medicine through his business, Ancient Universal Medicine, and teaches Ayurvedic workshops throughout the US and plays a broad selection of music both solo and in ensembles for a wide variety of celebrations and musical venues. For his Ayurvedic practice, you can contact him at aum@rochester.rr.com or 585.256.1841. To connect with him about his music, contact him at aum@rochester.rr.com.

Christina Ivanna contributes her beautiful harp music to our walks as well. Owner/musician/sound healer/harpist of Music for the Heart, she plays improvisation harp music for special occasions and individual sessions.

Donna Ries coordinates the healers and organizes and coordinates the healing service appointments at the monthly labyrinth walks. Between 75-100 participants at the Labyrinth Walks receive a Reiki treatment or chair massage each month.

Since early 2006, the First Unitarian Church of Rochester has hosted the Community Labyrinth Walks. Their Labyrinth Committee is strongly committed to supporting the labyrinth experience in Rochester as evidenced by their building a seven-circuit labyrinth in the meadow below their parking lot, which is open to the public 24/7 weather permitting. For information about their services and directions to the outdoor labyrinth, call them at 585. 271.9070.

A large number of Reiki practitioners and other healers in private practice volunteer their services at the monthly labyrinth walks to share the gift of healing with participants. Too numerous to mention by name, 7-15 wonderful practitioners join us at most walks to offer hands-0n healing to the Rochester public. LabyrinthQuest also partners with the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. For the last several years, they have referred their soon-to-graduate students to the monthly labyrinth walks to fulfill their state requirements for chair massage practice.

Come meet us personally at the monthly Community Labyrinth Walks at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. The current schedule is posted on the main page.


One Comment on “Who Are We?”

  1. Doug Schmidt Says:

    This year we have just completed a 54ft in diameter labyrinth filled with 308 lavender plants. It is open to the public but do request notice before a visit.

    Ed’s Labyrinth was created in memory of a brother who passed after a long illness. It is open to those suffering and battling a disease or illness and are looking for solace, or family members who have lost a loved one. We are located north of Ithaca on 34B
    You can locate us on the labyrinth locator

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